by Nancy J. Parra

December 2002
ISBN: 0-8034-9566-8
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1886 Durango, Nevada

Brianna McGraw is desperate, and desperation leads to desperate measures. Her younger brother, Ethan and fifteen other orphaned boys have been sold into almost slavery to a group of unsavory miners who claim to have “adopted” them off the orphan train. Bri’s only hope is to come up with the $1000.00 the miners want in exchange for the boys. Glancing around the gloomy saloon Bri spots a wanted poster. The answer to her prayers! Brianna will use her gift of knowledge she has acquired from hours of reading at her job as a Boston librarian, and become of all things a bounty hunter! Bri reasons that this way she will accomplish two good deeds at one time. Bringing an outlaw to justice and saving the orphaned boys from a cruel life in the mines.

Trey Morgan’s renegade days seem to be finally over. Having reunited with his estranged brothers and coming home after five years to claim the family ranch, he is hard at work repairing fences out on the range when he is accosted by of all things a pint size woman who at gunpoint demands he drop his weapons, take off his boots and mount the horse she has prepared to take him to claim a bounty on his head! At first Trey is amused by her announcement, but then can’t believe it when he is bested by this spitfire of a woman! Bri makes good on her promise of dragging Trey across 900 miles of frontier in order to claim the reward for him. Needless to say Bri refuses to believe Trey’s claims that the bounty posted on him was a ploy by his brothers to bring him home, and has already been awarded to someone else. As they make their treacherous journey through all kinds of dangers, Trey and Bri face the biggest obstacle of all, that of their growing attraction for each other. If they give in to it that means both must drop their defenses, and have to begin for the first time in a long time to learn to trust another person.

Hooray the Morgan brothers’ saga continues in Nancy J. Parra’s second installment A Wanted Man the sequel to Saving Samantha which is even better then the first!

Trey is a wonderful hero! Strong, sexy, and willing to go the distance to win the love of his lady! Brianna is a great heroine. Competent, smart, sassy, a perfect combination of beauty and brains! Together they sizzle and make you yearn for more in the next installment of the Morgans’ story. I can't wait!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Bonnie.

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