by Nancy J. Parra

April 2002
ISBN: 0-8034-9527-7
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Miss Samantha Herrington is determined to prove to her father, newspaper magnate Big John Herrington, and her editor/ fiancť Lee Cates, that she is very capable of being an independent modern woman. Samantha has traveled to the Wild West town of Amesville, Wyoming in pursuit of a story to beat all stories, one that will make her dream of becoming a star reporter a reality, and worthy of her father and fiancťís approval! What Samantha didnít count on was becoming beholden to one Matthew Morgan, a Wyoming rancher that owes her father a favor. Matt is bound and determined to make Samantha go home before she gets herself into trouble in his town with her snooping into matters that donít concern her! Sam has stumbled onto the biggest story she could have ever imagined, the town has just had a murder, and itís victim is somehow tied into Mattís losing cattle to rustlers!

Matt Morgan is only back in Amesville temporarily. Mattís oldest brother Trey, who inherited the family ranch is missing, and until found, Matt must run the ranch in his absence. Matt can not believe that Big John has called in the favor that Matt owes him by sending his prissy reporter daughter for him to keep an eye on while she tries to find a story in the 'real' Wild West. What Matt didnít expect was that Miss Samantha Herrington is anything but stuck up, but a very beautiful and determined young woman that may just hold the key to unlock Mattís closed up heart, and help solve a mystery that has been plaguing the town!

Itís two,of my favorite genres in one! Newcomer, Nancy J. Parra starts a series about a rugged Wyoming family of brothers, the Morgans, with the second oldest brother, Matthewís story in SSaving Samantha, which is a historical western romance, and a murder mystery. A good concept, but one that could have used a more in depth approach to itís characters and more details with itís villain. I liked Samantha, a woman who knows she wants more than just being a wife and mother. Matt needs more of a reason then the flimsy one he gives to Samantha in passing as to why he doesnít feel at home with his own family, and the other brothers hopefully will be developed more in their stories. Overall not bad for a first time effort.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Bonnie.

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