by Stephanie Gertler

February 2001
ISBN: 0-525-94565-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books

Stephanie Getler’s Jimmy’s Girl was very out of the ordinary. The chapters of this book alternately looked into the minds of the two main characters, Jimmy and Emily. It’s a bit repetitive that a chapter is dedicated to each of Jimmy and Emily’s remembrances of past events, but also shows the differences in their interpretation of certain events.

The focus of the plot seemed to be that both Jimmy and Emily had lost their “love of a lifetime” when they lost each other. Even though both had built respectable, decent lives for themselves, the author wants us to pull for them to find a way to be together. But it’s disturbing to realize that for them to be together would be to cause a lot of pain for many other people!

At the beginning of this saga, they are both remembering different events of the past that led them to where they are now. Emily, however, can’t leave well enough alone and decides that she must search and find her Jimmy. Once she has found him, she comes up with a tolerable if somewhat unbelievable excuse why they must meet. Some might consider what happens when the two of them meet romantic, but to call an apple an apple, there is nothing romantic about cheating on a faithful husband or wife (or both!)

However, Jimmy and Emily are a lot stronger – and smarter – characters than one would have thought. Stephanie Gertler does have a knack for words. She was able to portray scenes in such language that I could actually see the people, places and things in my mind. Yet, as a fan of the more “standard” romantic novels, it’s a different writing style that takes some getting used to - but over all, Jimmy’s Girl was an unusual story with outstanding imagery of people and places.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Angela.

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