by Alison Kent

October 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0668-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

One of Smithson Group's elite undercover agents, Christian Bane walks softly and carries a big...stick. He is a man of few words when he speaks people can't help but to listen. But he is also a man tormented by his past. Being betrayed by the woman he loved and left to die at the hands of his deadliest enemy, Spectra IT, tends to haunt a man. Once he escaped the squalid Thai prison where Spectra left him he swore he would destroy them even if it killed him.

But now, Spectra has made a secret bargain with brilliant scientist Dr. Wickham Bow to crack the CIAís encryption code. Christianís job is to impersonate Wickhamís contact, Peter Deacon, free the scientist being held against his will, and thwart Spctra's scheme. To do so he goes deep undercover as the playboy Deacon and gets very cozy with Wickhamís beautiful goddaughter and assistant, Natasha. He hopes to get information out of her about the Spectra project.

However, the closer Christian gets to Natasha the harder it is for him to continue his charade. When the case starts to heat up, Christian and Natasha join forces to prevent Spectra IT's plan from succeeding.

Series author Alison Kent pens her first single title release and the first in a new action series full of dangerous, sexy men. The Bane Affair is a fabulous beginning to a series I canít wait to sink my teeth into. The vivid characters, the ultra hot love scenes, and the nerve-racking action blew me away. Alison Kent is well on her way to becoming a single title phenomenon. I canít wait to find out what happens in The Shaughnessey Accord which is being released next month. In the meantime, enjoy!

Reviewed in September 2004 by Cynthia.

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