by Dee Lloyd

ISBN: 1-55316-094-0
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Ghost of a Chance is a romantic suspense with touches of the paranormal that will have to you looking over your shoulder and tensing up while driving in deserted areas. Full of characters and intrigue, Ghost of a Chance will have you reading long into the night.

Seeing a ghost and hearing her warning has Bret Thornton heading towards his old buddy’s bar for a drink—only to see the woman playing piano at the bar! It turns out that the singer/pianist is Emilienne “Milly” Pelletier, the ghost’s twin and his friend’s widow. Attracted to the woman and believing her to be in danger, Bret takes it upon himself to see that no harm comes to Milly.

Milly, attracted to Bret, doesn’t really like his take-charge attitude, but she’s worried about her twin and she accepts his expert help. While Bret has been seeing a ghost, Milly has been having very disturbing nightmares that she feels is a connection to her sister. With more questions unfolding than answers, discovering the truth is harder than it appears and the killer soon threatens the attraction that rages between Bret and Milly.

Ghost of a Chance is full of mystery, suspects and romance. The characters are believable and the resolution of the mystery is feasible. One problem is that there were so many characters, it’s easy to get confused as to who is who, how they connect with each other and their purpose in the story. Multi-layered plots add additional depth to the story and help create some red herrings that make you switch who you think the killer could be—nicely done!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Thea.

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