by Rosemary Laurey

September 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7661-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Upon receiving Kiss Me Forever, my first thought was "Wow! What a nice thick book!” I was eager to begin reading this Zebra book by popular ebook author, Rosemary Laurey, and the fact that it was about vampires was an added bonus. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered that it is actually two novels in one! Kiss Me Forever is immediately followed by Love Me Forever, featuring characters introduced in the first book. Not only did I get two stories in one package, but this will be a double review.

Kiss Me Forever begins with a fresh start for Dixie LePage, a South Carolina librarian who pulls up stakes to claim her inheritance - an English manor house. Eager to learn more about her family history and smarting from a failed engagement, Dixie intends to stay, at least a month, while she sorts through the accumulated possessions of her great-aunts and decides what to do next. The solicitor seems eager for her to sell, and his smarmy nephew seems to think that American equals “easy.” When her polite rebuttals fall on deaf ears, she is rescued by a handsomely mysterious man, complete with eye patch. When she discovers that his name is Kit Marlowe, she cannot help but make the connection to Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, whose early demise is shrouded in mystery and legend. What would she do if she ever discovered that the man and the myth were sitting right next to her in the local pub?

Kit is charmed by the plucky redhead and soon realizes that he has met his match. He plans to leave Bringham rather than continue to be tempted by the lovely mortal. That would only lead to heartache for both of them. When he is captured and left to “sunbathe” in her garden, Dixie realizes the truth - Kit is a vampire and she is in love with him. Rescuing him, she adds up all of the coincidences that have happened since her arrival and comes to the conclusion that someone is trying to get rid of them both. How will they resolve their relationship and the mystery surrounding Orchard House?

The second story, Love Me Forever, brings us a much more tender tale. While Kit and Dixie are a fiery and feisty couple, Kit’s friend and fellow vampire Justin Corvus is not. Eons older than he appears, Justin was a Roman surgeon in the first century. He has adapted to immortality by continuing to practice medicine and by having close friends like Kit and Tom Kydd, another vampire. When he decides to pay Kit and Dixie a visit, he meets Stella Schwartz, an attractive divorcee with a charming young son. He is immediately attracted to her and vows to keep his distance. Her determination and drive to provide a good home for her son, Sam, keep Justin close at hand. He stands ready to protect her from her unsavory neighbors and longs to ease her worries. When she is gunned down by a local thug, Justin does the only thing he can do - he makes her a vampire too, so that she will be able to continue to raise Sam. What is she going to do when she wakes up?

Ms. Laurey has written two passionate and fast-paced stories. The length of the book (over 600 pages) should not deter you from buying it. The pages will fly as you are “hooked” on the powerful plots and remarkable characters. The love scenes are steamy and vivid. If you have never had the pleasure of reading Ms. Laurey’s ebooks, Kiss Me Forever will convince you to add this author to your “must-buy” list.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Paula.

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