by Kristine Grayson

May 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7147-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Darius, first Olympic athlete winner and an absolutely gorgeous man, is just a bit too arrogant and mischievous for his own good. One day, almost three thousand years ago, he got on the bad side of the Fates and was punished. His sentence is that he must unite a thousand pairs of soul mates—no matter how long it takes. In addition, his beautiful form was changed into that of a very short, caustic and not so handsome guy, Andrew Vari, where he gets two weeks every year to transform back into his original body. It’s on the last day of his “vacation” as Darius that he meets and rescues Ariel Summers. While attracted to Ariel in a way that he’s never felt with anyone before, he sees in her eyes that she has a soul mate. Although pairing Ariel up with her soul mate would complete his sentence and give him back his original body and life, Darius doesn’t want the pain he know he would feel if he uses her as his last pair.

Ariel Summers is on a journey; she’s an “Ironman” triathlon athlete who can no longer compete due to an injury so she’s hiking in Idaho to think about the turn her life has taken and to decide what to do. While hiking, she gets caught in a landslide, which propels her down the slope towards a thousand-foot drop to the river below. Staying calm and thinking quickly, Ariel almost manages to save herself, but her plan goes awry and she finds herself falling over the cliff to certain death. Darius uses his magic to save Ariel and bring her back to good health. When she wakes up she shocked to learn that she is alive and well, thanks to Darius. Sharing a sizzling and unforgettable kiss, Ariel can’t understand why he left the next day and she’s determined to find him. Following her only lead, Andrew Vari, she soon realizes that maybe, just maybe, her obsession with Darius has lead to true love and good things can come in small packages.

COMPLETELY SMITTEN deals with pride, redemption, acceptance and love in very clever and often funny ways. The characters are strong, well written and enjoyable. They aren’t perfect and they are humbled some point in the story, which makes me enjoy them all the more. Very emotional, whether dramatic or humorous, and you want the characters to succeed and grow and find the love that they are searching for. Truly romantic, with the characters searching for love, don’t be surprised when you don’t come across a love scene. It’s so wonderful to see characters that don’t fall into bed the second they meet! The story is perfect as it is and a sex scene would have been gratuitous. Some of the secondary characters were a bit too zany for my taste and they pulled me from the romance of the story. COMPLETELY SMITTEN employs leads from previous books adding a nice touch for those who read Ms. Grayson’s other “fairy tale” books and are wondering how those lead characters are doing.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Thea.

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