by Anne Mallory

October 2004
ISBN: 0-06-058787-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Newcomer, Anne Mallory brings forth a wonderful story of love found in the most unexpected places. Come and have a fun time in Regency England and see what amusements the ton has in store for us.

Calliope Minton is a caricaturist by trade. Her work takes her into the middle of all sorts of ton-ish activities, from balls to picnics in the park. Of course, she is always disguised as someone else, such as a ladyís companion or someone who will easily blend in and not attract notice. Her main purpose for this rouse is to study those within the ton to gain material for her caricature pictures that she sells to a popular news magazine.

Her favorite subject is, James Trenton, Marquess of Angelford. Now, here is a man who thinks quite highly of himself, as do others, especially those of the female gender. Oh, how he just gets her knickers in an uproar!

James is sick and tired of this Thomas Landes person humiliating him in the papers. Just what has he done to this person, whom he has never met, mind you? He is determined to find out who this person really is and put a stop to this nonsense. But his first priority is to bring down a ring of traitors to the Crown who will stop at nothing to keep their identities hidden. The last thing he needs is for a distraction like Calliope Minton to invade his life and his thoughts, day in and day out. Just what the mystery is about her, he doesnít know, but heís bound and determined to find out.

Ms. Mallory has a firm handle on England in the Regency time period. All of her characters are true to life as well as the scenery, fashion and the food of the day. Her characters are very well written with each feeling, each movement clearly there for the readers imagination to take and soar with. The passion that springs up between Callie and James is not only romantic, it fairly burns the pages. With a well-written cast of characters and many facets that would bring on a second book in a series, this is a sure-fire bestseller in the making.

Donít miss this book. You will surely want to add it to your Regency collection.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Debbie.

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