by Rhyannon Byrd

July 2004
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Shea Dresden is a determined woman. She is dressed to kill and looking for a specific man, her neighbor. Ryan is supposed to haunt the local dive Friday nights searching for some sexual companionship and tonight Shea is going to be that woman. Though she’s not going to let it be a one-night stand. Nope, she has other plans for Ryan and he better get use to it! However, when Ryan is not to be found, another man hits on Shea, running her out of the bar.

ATF Agent Ryan McCall is also determined. He will not give into his lustful thoughts and take Shea the way he’s wanted since their first meeting. No matter how many times she asks him out or shows off that hot little belly ring! He is not the type of man for sweet, innocent, overly intelligent women, all of which describe Shea. However, when he hears her being attacked in her apartment all kind of things change for Ry and Shea.

Hold on to your iceboxes, girls!! This one is a scorcher! Take one dominant, over-sexed ATF agent and mix him with a determined, under-sexed woman and you get an explosion to rock your world. Ryan McCall is so determined in his want, desire, need for Shea that I was panting in no time. Shea proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a quick learner and wants Ry just as much. While based mostly on the sexual exploits of our hero and heroine (oh, boy the heat just simmers), this story also provides the reader with emotions of lust, desire, pleasure, and eventually that all-encompassing love. To be wanted as badly as Ry wants Shea is (and should be) every girl’s dream and desire! Grab those extra-strength silicon hot pads and read this book. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed in November 2004 by Vikky.

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