by Sahara Kelly

July 2004
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Daphne Littlewood is trying to research for her thesis about pornography. She hits a point where the library can’t give her all the information she needs and it’s time to venture out into the actual world of porn to find the information. Enter Jack Foster.

Jack Foster is a major name in porn movies. He was a big name director of the films but he was becoming bored by it all. The money, the fame, the gorgeous knock-outs wanting a piece of him and vying to show him their boobs. As his disgust with his lot in life grows, he glances up one night and…enter Daphne.

The two have exactly what the other wants in life, but will they be able to figure out? Furthermore, no offense meant to Daphne for being a proper woman, but how will she take the news at Jack's involvement in the films she’s previewed? A good girl with a boy gone wrong seems like a classic story line, until Sahara writes it.

With her flair for erotic, steamy sexual scenes and unique storylines, the story takes off. Throughout the time I began reading or reviewing erotic, this author continues to shine one step ahead of the rest. Now on my auto gotta-have list, I recommend any of her works for a pleasurable getaway from daily life.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Katy.

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