by Beverly Ruuth

November 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-477-9
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It’s 1887 and Annie Trowbridge has just received her teaching degree. Now, she needs a job. The only listing posted is from a man named Jed O’Connell requesting a male only teacher for his remote logging town. She decides that the small-minded man will just have to take her, as there are no male teachers at the academy! So, packing up her young daughter, Annie leaves early for the “town” of Jed’s Landing.

Jed can barely believe that he’s allowed women into his logging town, but he felt compelled to allow his employee’s have their families with them. Now, he’s been brow beaten by the women to hire a teacher. Once Jed learns of Annie’s subterfuge, it’s too late to send her back to Seattle. At any rate the energetic, demanding woman refuses to go and convinces Jed to allow her to stay until the fall.

However, Annie has decided that Jed’s Landing is truly the home she has been looking for. She will turn the community into a town, teach the people, and help one man learn to love and trust again.

Where Eagles Soar was not the typical historical romance I was expecting! With a very modern-thinking heroine, I was pulled in by her inner beauty and drawn quickly into this fast paced story. As Jed tries to fight his growing attraction to Annie, she refuses to back down from his growling. Both characters are strong, caring people who put others first at the risk of their own lives. The scenery is beautifully painted, making me wish for “the old days”. While the ending may be anticlimactic to some readers, it was so smoothly written that I didn’t feel as if I was cheated or that the author had needed to wrap it up. Rather, I was impressed with the violent-less ending and sighed happily as I read those two little words, “The End”. Even if you aren’t really a fan of historical romances, I’m certain that you will enjoy Where Eagles Soar.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Vikky.

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