by J. D. Robb

January 2005
ISBN: 0399152083
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Once again NYPSD Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas must stand for the silent, the dead, in her tireless endeavor to obtain justice. Survivor in Death is the twenty-third installment in this best-selling series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her gorgeous enigmatic billionaire husband Roarke.

An Orange Fizzy drink saved the life of nine-year-old Nixie Swisher when she crept downstairs to sneak one from the kitchen in the early hours of the morning. If she hadn’t gotten out of bed at that moment she would have died along with the other members of her family. In the dead of night masked men slit the throats of Nixie’s mother, father, older brother, housekeeper, and her best friend. As the sole survivor of the horrific night Nixie is the only one who can help Eve find the men who did this and get justice for her loved ones.

The only problem is kids are not Eve’s area of expertise. In fact she wouldn’t know what to do with one, but as a witness Eve knows what to do with Nixie. She takes the little one into protective custody, to the one place Eve’s knows the bad guys won’t look first—her ultra-secure home. From there Eve can chase the shadowy villains and shine a hell of a light on them secure in the knowledge that Nixie is protected.

Several unexpected breaks in the case lead Eve to familiar territory—and old foes. However, the bad guys know she’s coming and are intent on making sure Eve never sees the light of another day.

Exciting plot twists and intrigue abound in this latest book in J.D. Robb’s in Death series. Survivor in Death follows on the heels of the shocking Visions in Death with a thrilling read full of the familiar dynamic characterization and heart pounding excitement we have come to expect from this series. As always it is truly a pleasure to visit the future and spend time with these amazing characters.


Reviewed in December 2004 by Cynthia.

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