by Suzanne Marie Calvin

July 2004
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Long, long ago, Celia Honeywell was betrayed by her married lover, Liam Halestrom, and hung as a witch. Before the final breath left her body, she cast a spell declaring that all who dared to love one of her kind would die as a result of that love. Three hundred years later, reporter Luke Hale sets out to investigate why the men in his family are dying at such an early age and of such mysterious causes. Heís heard the rumors of Celia and her hex upon his family, but he doesnít believe in witchcraft. The only way to discover the truth is to go to Connecticut and dig into the Honeywell past.

Bianca Honeywell, like her ancestor Celia; is a witch, but a healing witch who is sick of the curse which has plagued her family for years. She spends most of her time trying to find a way to end the curse which has kept her and those like her from finding everlasting love. When Luke appears in town with his skepticism and accusations against her family, Bianca is thrown for a loop. Heís the most aggravating man she has met, but he still wonít leave her head or her heart.

The last thing Luke needs is to be falling for the daughter of the woman rumored to have killed his Uncle. If there is such a thing as a curse, then the only ending for his tale would be death, and he has no plans to put that story in the headline. But love overpowers all things, even those from the dark side. When it takes hold of Luke and Bianca, neither can resist their fate. Their love can break the curse, but only if it can first get them past the enemy Bianca never knew she had.

From the very first page of the novel, Suzanne Marie Calvinís Bewitching the Bachelor proves itself to be an alluring story. The words flow effortlessly, with cloud-like movements and paint an enchanting picture of an intriguing woman trying to escape her past and the man who loves her.

Luke and Bianca are highly combustible together. Calvin superbly captures the attraction between her two leading characters. Itís just as exciting to listen to them bicker as it is to watch them makeup.

The idea of using a love curse to bring the hero and heroine together is a remarkable concept, which is made even more brilliant by Calvinís first class writing talent. Because of the many angles that come along with it, the curse paves the way for other exciting situations in the novel; one of them being the presence of the attacker.

Itís been a while since Iíve enjoyed reading a story as much as this one. In fact, I didnít stop reading until I was finished. You could say it bewitched me.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Natasha.

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