by Tulsa Brown

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-254-5
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Sandraís mom has a saying, ďFor every pot there is a lid that fitsĒ, and Sandra is getting a little tired of it. Sandra isnít married and that is her mom's way of saying that there is someone out there for her, she just hasnít found the correct lid yet. Sandra is seeing Pat, her boss, but her mother doesn't know and Sandra isnít telling her either.

On a business trip, Sandra thought she and Pat would be able to spend some time together, but that doesnít happen the way Sandra hoped. In fact, nothing happens the way she wanted. Sandra is unaware that she is in for a surprise.

Sandra finds out there is a lid that will fit her life, but it isnít Pat. She finds out the hard way just what Pat is like, before, on, and after the chartered fishing trip. As does everyone else on the trip, including Captain Aiden Foley.

Catch of the Day isnít about a fish, but about catching the lid that fits your pot. This is the first story Iíve read by Ms. Brown and it will not be the last. Catch of the Day is a short story ideal for when you have a little time on your hands. It is about finding someone when you least expect it and finding out that not everything is as it seems.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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