by Allie McCormack

February 2002
ISBN: 1-931540-2
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This is the story of runaway Teri. Seventeen and desperate to escape an abusive home, she arrives at Marsha and Joe’s truck stop café, where she meets Mike, a gorgeous truck driver. But love doesn’t come easy for Teri.

This was a great story! I was totally hooked and had to finish it in one sitting! Teri was a plucky heroine; Tiny, at just five foot, she is uncertain of herself, but still a battler, determined to throw off her past. But the past has a way of catching up - which it eventually did with Teri.

Ally McCormack writes with a fast pace that keeps the reader engrossed in the plot. The story has a number of twists that keeps the reader guessing until the final outcome. After all the suspense, the climax doesn't disappoint and is a complete surprise!

It was interesting to have the hero as a trucker. Mike only has one truck, not a fleet of them. This makes him different from the normal heroes in romance books, as he is not a rich tycoon, but an ordinary guy. But like Teri, he too has a past history that he has managed to come to terms with.

Secondary characters like the delightful Marsha and Joe are very necessary to the plot. Then there is the massive Chuck, a huge trucker and wonderful friend to the couple. And of course, there’s the villain, Sam, who is not wasted at all in the story despite the fact that he is very nasty piece of work! There are a few light touches of humour as well as some great passion between Teri and Mike, which makes for great romance reading!

Ms. McCormack gives an interesting insight into the world of truckers. She shows what a tight knit community they are, and the fascinating fact of how important the truck stop cafés are to them.

This is the first time I have read a book by Allie McCormack, but I will be looking out for more of her books as I enjoyed this one so much.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Mary.

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