by Denise A. Agnew

June 2004
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In the town of Pine Forest, the evil runs deep into the very foundations. Ronan Kieran and his friends have been fighting the ancient one for months now. Ronan has been tracking the ancient vampire for centuries and longs to take revenge. The prophecy states that the ancient one can be destroy only if Ronan finds a mortal woman to have sex with. As the month winds closer to Halloween, Ronan can feel the evil grow and gain strength. He must find the woman soon.

Clarissa Gaines has returned to Pine Forest. She had lived here most of her life until she couldn’t take the disbelief anymore. Visions and nightmares have plagued her since she was a child. She knows something terrible will happen on Halloween, but she’s not sure how to get people to believe her. She reaches out to Ronan and his friends. After she hears their strange tales, she knows they are the only ones to help her. The blazing attraction she feels for Ronan is an added bonus, but it could prove to be a distraction as well.

Ronan has never felt this way about a woman in centuries. He goes up in flames every time they’re near each other. He knows that helping to fulfill the prophecy won’t be a hardship for him, but will Clarissa want to stick around afterwards. His wounded heart starts to heal with her in his arms. Can he convince her that they belong together forever?

Deep Is The Night: Haunted Souls is a blazing addition to the series. The attraction between Clarissa and Ronan is immediate and overwhelming. Clarissa has learned to be strong and independent. She doesn’t like leaning on anyone to help her survive. In Ronan, she sees the perfect helpmate. A man who will allow her to be strong, but hold her when she needs a shoulder. Ronan’s character is tough and cynical. As the story progresses, he learns the value of peace and love. The pace is fast and the action none stop. The love scenes are so hot you might want to make sure and have some ice handy to cool down. Denise A. Agnew has written another steamy love story.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

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