by Sahara Kelly and Scott Carpenter

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-040-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly have given us yet another fabulous book in Beaver Canyon: A Sweet Deal.

Maggie French is a woman who likes to win, whether it’s Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, thumb wars, or any kind of card game. Thumb Wars??? She’s a very competitive woman. She goes to Beaver Canyon Resort to participate in a poker championship, where the top prize is $500,000.00. Not bad for a weekend’s work.

Deuce Whiley is at Beaver Canyon for the same tournament. His father was a gambler and from a very early age, he’s leaned all the tricks of the trade, so to speak! Yet at the moment he sees Maggie, he’s planning and plotting to be able to spend the night prior to the start of tournament with her!

However, he seems to have a problem with clumsiness. The first incident involved Deuce, a cocktail waitress, an elderly man in a wheelchair and a bouncer, which had me laughing so hard! Maggie sees this and tries not to laugh, but it’s difficult for her!! The rest of the evening goes fairly smooth and they both have the time of their lives. So much so, they can’t stop thinking of one another during the first day of the tournament. They both come out as winners in the tournament, which means they play the next day. That leaves them another night to explore each other! Boy, do they ever!

There are a couple of more fun incidents that will have you rolling on the floor. On the flip side, the sex is so very hot…….it’s yummy!!

From the very beginning, the humor is most evident in this book, while the heat takes a few pages to build………but build it does and keeps building all the way to the end and in such a fantastic way. The ending is such a surprise! I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed in November 2004 by PamL.