by Denise A. Agnew

May 2001
ISBN: 9-31742-15-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Treble Heart Books

Scott Danger is hired to be a bodyguard to Kiley Chapman by her uncle Reginald Chapman. Scott isnít supposed to let Kiley know why he is keeping a lookout for her, but being an independent, resourceful young woman, she soon works out what he is doing. Kiley learns she is in serious danger when her friend is attacked and left for dead.

This is a suspense packed book! Kiley knows that a man named Thorson has a grudge against her uncle and intends to make him suffer by killing Kiley, knowing that is the thing that will hurt him the most. Although Kiley has overcome a traumatic experience 10 years earlier, it left her emotionally scarred. Scott and Kiley are drawn to each other but since both have emotional baggage to sort though, they are afraid of their feelings.

This is an excellent suspense filled romance. Both Scott and Kiley are attractive, positive characters that kept me hooked and enthusiastically rooting for their relationship to work out! Both went through some harrowing times before they met, and still a lot happens to them in this story.

The heroís name amused me as danger suited him so well - he always seemed to get into dangerous situations! I also enjoyed the other characters like Hawthorne, who is another handsome bodyguard and Tammy, the receptionist at the security firm that both Hawthorne and Danger work for. Tammy has the ability to sense happenings, which makes her very central as the story reaches its gripping climax.

There are certainly many twists to the story and it is full of unexpected happenings. I liked the passion between the hero and heroine; it really was electric at times! I know everyone doesnít think e-books are easy to read, but this one will have you racing through it because of its pace.

Denise A. Agnew is a new author to me and I am glad I discovered her. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more of her work!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Mary.

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