by Katriena Knights

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-546-2
Reviewer Graphic Button LTD Books
Trade Paperback

Ms. Knights’ writing reputation always promises a story that will keep a reader on the edge of her seat as she reads non-stop through action, drama, and romance, peopled with multi-faceted characters and intriguing, fascinating worlds.

In this futuristic, Earth is in control of all the universes, with a governing body called “Earth Fed”. Captain Trieka Cavendish runs an Earthship called “Starchild”, and harbors a bit of disdain for what she calls “Earthlubbers”. So, when Earther and billionaire financier Harrison Fairfax boards Starchild, Trieka is sure he’s going to be nothing but trouble. And unfortunately, she finds herself attracted to him immediately, which starts complicating things right from the beginning.

Harrison is asked to invest in the Earth colony of Denahault, but is reluctant to do so until he travels there and has a chance to check it out. But an underlying conspiracy is in the works, and from day one Harrison is in danger of losing his life.

Going against her own beliefs, Trieka rescues Harrison and they flee across the wilds of the Denahault colony pursued by the as-yet-unknown enemy. As they race against time to discover the secret conspiracy involving Denahault, they find their attraction for each other growing and they finally succumb to the pull.

This is SciFi Romance at its best. Ms. Knights can pen a story that pulls the reader immediately into the plot and keep you turning those pages. Her worlds are fascinating and intriguing, and very realistic. Her characters are strong and brave. A definite recommend to lovers of the SciFi genre who want romance that delivers!

Reviewed in July 2004 by Kari.

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