by Lauren Bach

October 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7631-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Flooding had all but disabled the eastern part of North Carolina. Dr. Renata Curtis as head of the Disaster Response Program was prepared to handle the cityís excess medical problems. Since the clinic was located in a rough neighborhood Renata saw her fair share of gang-related injuries. In fact, most of the clinicís regulars were members of one gang or another. Gangs she knew. Escaped prisoners were something else altogether.

The flood provided an opportunity Adam Duval could not resist. The roadside gang he was assigned to was the reason for his being outside the prison walls. Adamís cellmate figured out the escape plan thus, Lyle McEdwin promised Adam that his family would hide them if he allowed Lyle to tag along. The McEdwins were on the FBIís most-wanted list. If anyone could help hide Adam from the police, it was Lyleís father. Known for his anti-government ways, Willie McEdwin had eluded the law for years.

Renata was alone at the clinic when Adam arrived. Lyle had been shot during a close call with a policeman. He needed medical attention and the out-of-the-way clinic was the perfect place to go. Especially since Renata was there alone. Unfortunately, that meant she could identify them. There was only one thing Adam could do and that was to take Renata as hostage. He would not kill her as the McEdwinís wanted him to do.

Things became complicated for Adam. He has his own agenda to take care of and secrets he cannot share. He canít allow himself to feel anything for Renata. Her presence was an unlucky happenstance that was quickly turning into a fierce wanting like Adam had never known before.

Renata was angry with herself for wanting Adam. How can she yearn for him? What kind of woman did wanting him make her? He was an escaped convict, a stranger. His crimes were evidence enough to prove him off limits. Besides, if Lyle and his family had their way, she would not survive long enough to succumb to the desire heating her blood.

Author Lauren Bach has written a fast-paced, exciting tale of finding love in the most unlikely of places. She expertly describes the complexity of the heart and whom it chooses to love. Pure Dynamite is a well-structured story sure to please the romantic at heart.

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Reviewed in September 2004 by Rho.

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