by Jaycee Clark

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-389-9
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In Jaycee Clarkís book, Deadly Shadows, we were introduced to the Kinncaid family and the family motto: This Iíll defend. Ms. Clarkís newest book will put that vow to the test.

Gavin Kinncaidís life is hectic. He enjoys delivering babies, but he never seems to have time for a serious relationship. He meets Taylor Reese under tragic circumstances and canít get her out of his mind. The beautiful social worker seems to be as dedicated to her job as he is to his. He runs into her again later on that day. He decides to take a chance on being friends with her. Maybe it would become serious if they took their time.

Taylor has had her share of bad luck with men. Her ex-husband certainly wasnít a winner. Now, she is more concerned with her sonís happiness. Ryan has seen the evil the world can hold and Taylor longs for him to feel secure. As she begins to fall in love with Gavin, she realizes he will never let either of them down.

The past has a frightening way of catching up with you. Itís coming after Taylor and Ryan. Gavin finds himself fighting for their lives as danger surrounds the new family. The Kinncaid brothers must band together to save the woman and child that Gavin loves.

Ms. Clark has written another great story. Gavin is a man who becomes totally devoted to his family. He takes the family motto to heart. It is his strength and unswerving loyalty that helps build the trust that Taylor and Ryan need to feel secure. Taylor is a determined lady who believes in protecting those who are most vulnerable. She is willing to do anything to protect her child and the man she loves. Ryan is a well- developed character. His very seriousness stems from his former life and shows how children can be scarred by those who should have loved them. It was great to see all the Kinncaids again. What a great family.

Deadly Ties can destroy families or bring them closer together. The story proves that a family isnít always united by blood, but by the love each member feels. I look forward to the next Jaycee Clark story coming out in August.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

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