by Tamara Sneed

August 2004
ISBN: 0-312-98730-7
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Lana Hargrove has always known exactly what she wanted. Her body and looks give her the perfect way to manipulate men. She grew up knowing that her father didnít love her enough to stick around. Her grandmother taught her a woman can do anything she wants without the help of a man. Now, Lana owns a public relations firm. She has the perfect boyfriend who fits right in with her idea of only the best things in life. She has many acquaintances but no friends. Lana believes thatís the way she wants it. Breaking down the wall around her heart is going to take a stronger man than any she has met before.

Justin Larkin has taken a case to catch an international art thief. Solving this case could bring his private investigation firm into the big time. He thinks he has it all under control until he runs into Lana Hargrove. Suddenly, using her to get to her father doesnít seem like a good idea. Justin finds himself becoming more and more attracted to the cynical man-eater. The distance heís placed between himself and the world gets smaller, as he becomes personally involved with a woman heís only supposed to be using.

The tension heats up as Justin and Lana discover some disturbing news about a high powered member of the community. Their lives are at stake as they rush to find out the truth. It turns out that more than their lives are in danger, as the passion between them ignite and their walls start tumbling down.

Ms. Sneed has created a fast paced story with tough characters and stolen art. Lana starts as a tough cynical witch who seems only out for what she can get, preferably wealth and a man who can further her ambitions. By the end, her personality softens and we see a woman who knows she can do it all on her, but decides that she doesnít want to. Justin is a great wounded hero who chooses to shut out friends instead of dealing with their pity. Taking a chance on Lana, he finds the courage within himself to be more than he is. Lanaís father is a complex secondary character who helps move the story along at just the right spots. The villain seems a little simplistic and the climax is a bit abrupt, but overall the story is highly entertaining.

All the Man I Need is just what a strong minded woman like Lana wants. I look forward to Ms. Sneedís next book.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

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