by Katriena Knights

December 2001
ISBN: 1-893896-73-0
Reviewer Graphic Button ImaJinn Books
Mass Market Paperback

Much to their delight, Winding Falls, North Carolina has a haunted house. After seeing the mass publicity and revenue the last town that professional ghost hunter Rory Campbell helped send a ghost on its way received, the mayor of Winding Falls decides it's their turn. He invites Rory to stay at the haunted MacGregor mansion.

Heroine Rory Campbell has a special ability that ghosts easily respond to and that encourages them to communicate with the living. When she moves in for her stay at the MacGregor mansion, she senses the ghost immediately and sets out to encourage it to talk to her. When the ghost does appear and the story starts developing, Rory realizes this particular case involves way more than she ever imagined it could.

Hero Lachlan MacGregor has been dead for 250 years, cursed to stay trapped in his mansion and suffering the never-ending guilt over the death of his wife. He's immediately drawn to Rory and her unique ability to communicate with him.

Rory may have the special power needed to help Lachlan break the curse and release his spirit to go on to the afterlife. Rory is more than willing to help him, but then complications get in the way that neither of them expected. Lachlan and Rory fall in love. When the time comes and the curse is broke, Lachlan's spirit will go on and the lovers will be separated.

This is a beautiful love story, and a wonderfully intriguing paranormal book. Someone who is also connected with Lachlan's fate threatens Rory's life, and the suspense will keep you turning those pages. The author wove in a unique way to break the curse and prove that love is everlasting, leaving you with that "I wish this story was longer" feeling! This book is a definite recommendation to lovers of paranormal romance.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Kari.

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