by Dakota Cassidy

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-032-5
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Divorce…the ending of a marriage, but yet at the same time the beginning of a new life. This is where Madison Blake, better known as Maddie, is now. The biggest question of the moment is - will she survive and flourish as a newly single woman?

Many people suffer a mid-life crisis. Maddie is certain that Albert is doing just that. She could almost deal with the earring and the sports car, but Albert just isn’t willing to try. He wants a new girlfriend, and at least has the decency not to have an affair. So now Maddie is mourning the demise of a ten year marriage, and wallowing in self pity.

Her friend Corrine is determined that Maddie will not shrink into herself, but will get out and be with people, whether they are relative strangers at a cocktail party for Corrine’s job, or a support group of other divorced women. Maddie reluctantly finally agrees to both of these, and the results have far-reaching consequences for the rest of Maddie’s life.

It was great to see Maddie getting herself together and flourishing in her post-Albert life. Through much of the story, you could feel Maddie’s emotions and her agony over the loss of her marriage. I personally was glad to see that she has come out stronger at the other end.

The Ex-Files: Mayhem and Maddie was a story that grabbed me from page one and didn’t want to let go until I read the final word. Just one complaint…a cliff hanger! How long do I have to wait for the next story in the series? Ms. Cassidy, please write faster!

Reviewed in July 2004 by Sandi.

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