by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow

January 2004
ISBN: 0-802-41363-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Moody Publishers
Mass Market Paperback

Annah has not spoken a word in over twenty-five years. Not since the day she witnessed her older brother brutally murder their father. When his brother realizes that she saw him, he threatens her with death if she ever says another word. Annah takes him seriously. And now everyone in their village believes she’s a simpleton. A non-human. A nothing! When her brother’s wife murders Annah’s unborn brother and her mother, Annah is frightened. She follows her sister-in-law to the evil ones, and discovers the murders are so the sister-in-law will be able to have her own baby. But when her sister-in-law discovers she was followed, she is furious and murders Annah’s brother who she assumes is the one who followed her.

Considering suicide, Annah goes down to the river, but a young man on the other side sees her and saves her life. He is Shem, the son of Noakh. When Shem makes an offer to take Annah as his bride, the whole village laughs, knowing Shem will soon be disappointed with his nothing bride and want to return her. What will happen to Annah? Will she learn to trust Shem’s Most High God and believe him when he tells her tales of a great flood? Or will she laugh and mock him like the rest of the community? Will her brother kill her when he discovers she really can talk after all?

The Heavens Before is the first book in The Genesis Trilogy. I didn’t want to like this book, especially with all the violence in the beginning, but I quickly grew to care for Annah and wanted to see her find happiness. I couldn’t put The Heavens Before down; I had to keep reading it to find out what happens.

Several of the accounts of the flood I remember reading but I never thought about how the animals came or about the food was provided, or even how awful mankind was back then. ,b>The Heavens Before is a great reminder, and teaches us to trust God with everything, even with things are bleak.

Pick up a copy of The Heavens Befor today. It is a book for the keeper shelf.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Laura.

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