by Lori Soard

June 2004
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Can long time friends really be lovers without it interfering with the friendship? Well that is what Here Come Trouble is all about. When two life long friends finally give in to the attraction they have had for years.

Mark and Gracie are only two of what is called The Fab Five. She is the only female with four of the best male friends anyone can have. But she has been in love with Mark for years and all of the Fab Five know except for Mark. Grace didnít realize this. She also didnít know that Mark has been fighting his feelings for just a long but the others did as well.

Gracie had always been just one of the guys and she wanted a change and start her own business, so what does Mark do, but give her the name of an ex-lover to contact for help. Letís just say that that one night of intimacy did hurt the friendship and Mark was having a problem adjusting to the new Grace and what they shared.

Here Comes Trouble is a terrific story of a friendship turned into love based on the friendship first and not the instant attraction. Oh the attraction was real, and it was hot and instant, but they both had to overcome fears before they can truly be together. There were some ups and downs and misunderstandings and of course the other Fab Five to contend with as well. They run interference and they all truly cared about what happens to each other. I wonder if we will see anymore stories about the Fab Five.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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