by Colleen Coble

October 2004
ISBN: 0-8499-4431-7
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Trade Paperback

Bree Nichols and her famous search-and-rescue dog, Samson, are called to look for a man who missed his sonís birthday party by a few hours. A devoted family man, Phil hasnít missed any important family events, and his wife fears the worst when he doesnít return from his fishing trip. Bree and Samson find the body at the bottom of Lake Superior, the result of an apparent drowning. But when Bree goes to tell Philís wife the bad news, Samson reacts in his death stance when he enters Philís house, making it apparent the man has been murdered and his body dumped in the lake.

Phil was new in town, and didnít know many people, but his co-workers say he was an even-tempered man with no known enemies. Soon it becomes apparent that the person who murdered Phil is targeting the pharmaceutical company he worked for. Bree starts working on solving the murder, but is blindsided by meeting a sister she never knew existed.

A dog-fighting ring has surfaced somewhere in the Keweenaw peninsula, and several small dogs have gone missing. Someone has made a kidnapping attempt on Samson several times even though he is a big dog. When Samson disappears, Bree is frantic to find her pet and Ďco-workerí even though it seems unlikely. Will she be able to find Samson before he is killed? Who is behind the murder of Phil?

The third book in the Rock Harbor Mysteries series, Into The Deep is an exciting read sure to keep the pages turning. I fell in love with each of the characters in the first book. The characterization is fantastic, and readers will come to care deeply for everyone.

I also love the setting of the story. Iíve been in the Keweenaw peninsula of Michigan many times, and the story was able to put me there.

Readers will want to read the first two books in the series Without a Trace and Beyond a Doubt because Into The Deep draws on events which happened in both the previous books. Pick up a copy of Into The Deep. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Laura.

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