by Elizabeth Batten-Carew

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-487-9
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Undercover Blues was not only a romance it also kept me wondering just where their relationship was going. Elizabeth Batten-Carew kept not only the suspense borderline, but also the question, was their trust going to be strong enough in the end?

When Frank O’Connor and Angel Tortina, also known as Cindy Janson, met four years ago, both had goals for their jobs. Only thing is, Angel tempted their love from the beginning. Frank was FBI, on a job and he let his love for Angel distract him. Unknown to Frank, Angel was also FBI. Up until they met again, he felt that she had betrayed him. There was still doubt on his part. You see, Angel was deep undercover in the Mob and in order to protect herself she had to give up Frank. She protected him, too, though he was unaware of the fact.

Angel buried her love for Frank for many years and tried so hard to fight it. She even said there was no love for him in her heart. Although, when Frank touched her, her body's reaction gave her away. Frank was just as bad, he said “I Love You” with just words. He did not recognize how true those three words would come to mean to him. How far would he go to protect his Angel and just how far would she go to protect Frank? They must learn to trust each other while trying to find out who is telling secrets.

In the end, they catch the traitor. Will it cost them their relationship? Angel gives so much of herself to Frank. I could see the love was there from the very first page. The suspense of their jobs, their relationship, the romance, and trust that it took make it a keeper on my shelf.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Theresa.

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