by Anthology

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-349-X
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Enter a world full of strong men and the women who can’t help but love them. A world created by the authors in the anthology, Dark And Dangerous.

In Beauty Ravished by Celeste Anwar, we journey to an island paradise where Cherry Roman just wants to forget about her troubles for a while. She gets the invitation from a friend, who doesn’t want to use it. There happens to be a lot of beautiful males on the island and Cherry can’t wait to start enjoying herself. It seems that Nigel Francoeur is very upset that Cherry has shown up. Locking her in her room might be the only way to keep her from harm. Yet, when the moon is full and the hunt is on, Cherry must hope that the right man finds her.

Dream Shadows by Angelica Hart is the only place where Violet Haze can find any respite from the world she lives in. She has been trained in the art of submission and passion, so she can be sold to a mage of light or dark. Violet has no interest in being anyone’s life. A dark mage would crush her. He would break and then kill her, taking the light that was in her soul. A light mage might not kill her, but he would expect her to be submissive and obedient. She longs for a husband like the man who visits her dreams. A man who gives as well as takes. A man that she knows loves her the way she is. Violet doesn’t think he exists, so she makes plan to save herself. Danger is lurking and Violet must hold fast to the light inside.

In, Marie Hart’s contribution, Adara Vansant is a reporter trying to get information for a magazine article. There has been a rash of disappearances in Rathan. They were women known for their reckless reputations and evil deeds. Someone seems to be playing vigilante. Her article will be about the clubs and the things that the ‘bad girls’ do. She heads to Vampland, a trendy new night club, where she know she’ll get some great stuff for her writing. Trey Blackthorne can feel the darkness starting to take over his soul. Being a vampire and handing out justice has taken a toll on his heart and soul. When he meets Adara for the first time, he can’t believe how she makes him feel, the hope that he has when he’s with her. Can Adara believe and trust in him? Can Trey convince her to be Blackthorne’s Light?

In Goldie McBride’s The Dark One, we meet Gerard Du Beauchamp, a French comte who is more than a ghost, but less than a man. Cursed to exist in a world where no one can see him, but he can see what is happening around him, Gerard is surprised when an American woman, Samantha Lancaster can see and talk to him. Sam has journeyed to Gerard’s home in France because of the ‘hauntings’ that have been reported there. She takes the trip in memory of her mother, who died before they could go together. Sam can’t believe that she’s seeing the ghost and talking to him as well. Could she be the one to lift the curse?

Wonderfully imaginative and fascinating, all the stories take readers to a realm outside our understanding. The authors have created complex characters with deep emotions. They draw us into worlds where the impossible seems very real. The love scenes are steamy, so make sure you have a fan nearby to cool off. This anthology will make you want to go in search of your own Dark and Dangerous man.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jenni.

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