by Vicki Lewis Thompson

June 2004
ISBN: 0-7369180-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #980
Mass Market Paperback

Kasey Braddock is a PR exec at age twenty. Not many people at her workplace know her true age though. They think she is much older and she wants to keep it that way. She sees many problems for her age to get in the way of her success at the company. With an extremely high IQ Kasey graduated college at only 18 and she has found a job she loves.

When the girls in the office spy a gorgeous guy doing landscaping work on the property they all flock to the window to get a better view. Soon they are all drawing straws to ask the cute hunk out. Who should win but Kasey?

As she heads out to the guy to offer him a bottle of water on the blistering hot day Kasey realizes he is none other than Sam Ashton her brother’s best friend from years ago. Kasey has always had a crush on Sam not that he would ever notice her. She has changed a lot over the years and Sam doesn’t seem to recognize her. He is attracted to her though because in no time he is asking her for a date.

She accepts and plans to have a little fun. Kasey’s goal is to entice Sam and leave him begging for more just to prove that she can. She never imagined that the chemistry would be so strong between them or that one night would leave them both wanting so much more. Will the relationship be doomed when Kasey’s secret comes out?

To help celebrate the Temptation line’s 20th anniversary popular author Vicki Lewis Thompson was asked to create a 20-year-old heroine who was a bit different. Ms Thompson has delivered a truly memorable heroine and a remarkable book in Old Enough To Know Better.

Sam is a to die for hero and is extremely creative not only in the way he trims trees but also in the ways he raises Kasey’s libido. The creative hammock scene Ms Thompson has written is worth the cover price of the book and makes one wonder exactly how up close and personal her research was for this book. With her usual flair and amazing story telling ability Ms Thompson has penned another winner. I predict there just may be a run on hammocks this summer. Maybe we should buy stock before hand.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara.

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