by Katherine Kingston

June 2004
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Sir Thomas of Carlwick was ready to settle down. He wants a family and a secure place to rest his head at night. Nonetheless, he will have to wait to enjoy those comforts. There was a mission he had to fulfill before he could concentrate on his own life.

Upon his arrival at Groswick Keep, Thomas meets the Lady Juliana. His visit was unexpected. Therefore, his welcome was not as hospitable as it could have been. Once Lady Julianaís surprise had worn away, her reception became more in keeping with that of a Lady of the Manor. But not everyone felt the same. On his first night at the Keep, there was an attempt on Sir Thomasí life.

Lady Juliana is watching over Groswick Keep while her husband is off fighting with the Prince on the continent. At least, that is what she thinks. Now, here is Sir Thomas informing her that the Kingís baron, her husband, was never with the Prince and that no one knows the baronís location. The King sent Thomas to Juliana to seek more information. A missing baron was no small thing. But, Juliana could tell him nothing. Was it possible her husband was dead?

When Sir Thomas began his task for the King he had no idea he would be meeting the woman whom seemed to fulfill all he wanted. Sir Thomasí effort to find out about the missing baron takes on a whole new purpose. If he wants to claim Lady Juliana as his own, Thomas must first know if she is a widow.

As a fan of medieval romance, I fully enjoyed reading Healing Passion by Katherine Kingston. The historical element was well researched and represented in this tale of love surviving despite the harshness of life. The author painted a striking portrait of Lady Juliana and Sir Thomas. The secrecy at the Keep was a living, breathing entity, a character in its own right. I have not read the earlier installments in the Passion series, but I can report that Healing Passion is a stand-alone read.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Rho.

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