by Elizabeth Bevarly

May 2000
ISBN: 0-380-81048-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lauren Grable-Monroe has written a best-seller that’s turning the world upside down! At least that’s how it seems, because everybody, from students to grandmothers, has a copy of “How to Trap a Tycoon”. Commuters are lost in it, classrooms are spattered with it, and bridge groups take time out to discuss and analyze it! All in all, it’s driving Adam Darien crazy! Why? Well, he’s a typical tycoon, and also publisher of “Men’s Life” magazine! In fact, he’s a perfect example of the prime target for Ms. Grable-Monroe’s book.

His sanctuary is Drake’s, an exclusive men’s club, where he can sit and enjoy his fine Scotch without fear of being stalked by marriage minded women. He can also enjoy the company of Mack, the kinda-cute bartender, with whom he enjoys rapid-fire discussions on everything from evolution to – yeah, you guessed, Ms. Grable-Monroe. What Adam is blissfully unaware of, as he sips his drinks, is that Dorsey MacGuinness (Mack to her friends), slightly scatterbrained but cute sociology grad student, is none other than Lauren Grable-Monroe.

This is a great premise for romance – gorgeous male executive fleeing from trained husband hunters, falls into the arms of trainer!! But it’s also a funny, charming and warm-hearted look at the confusing world of relationships! Adam and Dorsey are nothing short of wonderful together – it is so splendid to read a romance where both hero and heroine are equally intelligent, quick with a quip, and plagued by the same insecurities! Dorsey reacts as any of us would, with trepidation, hesitation and a heck of a lot of repressed sensual excitement! But just as we settle in to watch developments between Adam and his bartender, Elizabeth Bevarly does what she does so well, brings more and more attention to a set of secondary characters, in this case Adam’s co-worker Lucas and Dorsey’s friend and fellow bartender, Edie Mulholland. (Great names in this book – if you’ve ever seen the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire” you’ll understand the Lauren Grable-Monroe reference!!)

From then on, it’s a toss-up as to who we enjoy watching more! Lucas’ pursuit of Edie takes a much different path than that of Adam and Dorsey’s budding relationship, but both are fascinating, well-written and full of the kind of reality that makes us nod and say “Yeah... I understand!” The comedic dialogue in this book is spot-on – there’s practically a laugh a page! The lovers are nice people trying to work through their issues and troubles, and the bad guys are mostly misguided, with one or two exceptions. There are ups and downs for the couples to go through, but sharing these is nothing but sheer pleasure for the reader! And when they realize that there really is only one way to “trap” anybody – and that’s simply to love them, the reader shares their delight and turns the last page with a big grin! That’s a wonderful way to end a book. Please don’t deny yourself a treat – pick up a copy of this book and spend a couple of hours laughing your troubles away.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Celia.

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