by Nina Bruhns

September 2004
ISBN: 0-373-2739809-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1319
Mass Market Paperback

Okay, so I’m a soft-hearted idiot for a pirate. But I defy any readers of this fabulous tale not to fall a little bit in love with the deliciously piratical Tyree St. James. Clara Fergussen certainly does her level best not to, especially when he starts hinting about curses, being a lost soul, and having existed for nearly two hundred years.

Regardless of his stories, however, she’s seduced by this man…his touch ignites her heart along with a few other places, and he’s her every dream come to life. Although the use of the word “life” may be inappropriate for Tyree, since as their relationship deepens, Clara finds herself beginning to wonder more and more if perhaps he truly is who he claims to be.

With her abundance of amazing creativity, Nina Bruhns has written a paranormal tale with the most delightful twists and turns, and two lovers who are as realistically enchanting as any I’ve read about recently. Forget ghost stories you’ve read in the past, and forget pirate novels. This one breaks the mold of both to emerge as a spectacular tour-de-force in the genre of paranormal romance. All the fundamentals are in place. A hero we’d give a year’s supply of moisturizer to spend one night with, a heroine who is as bright and loving as we could wish, and a plot…well, you’ll just have to read it.

Tautly paced, carefully executed, this story is a superb foray into the world of curses, spirits and pirates, and provides the background to a romance that is hot enough to light up several time zones. Ms. Bruhns captures the essence of “romantic hero” in the character of Tyree St. James, and pirate that he is, he takes our hearts prisoner from his first appearance to his last.

This is an absolute must-read for anyone who has yearned to be swept into the arms of a handsome rogue. So…it’s a must read for just about all of us. It fulfils our fantasies, stirs our hearts, challenges our minds and makes the rest of the world disappear for a few hours. Bravo, Ms. Bruhns…thank you for the perfect pirate and the perfect romance.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Celia.

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