by Alyssa Brooks

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-014-9
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On the run from her ex, Kirsten Montgomery ends up in rural Texas. Sheriff Reid Walker spots her car and her bouncing body and decides to check up on her. Happens that her car is reported stolen, and her cards are not in her name. Arrest is the only sane solution. Not expecting anything good or intelligent to come from this city girl, itís no surprise that she resists arrest (how stupid is the heroine?) and so the sheriff grabs the opportunity to hold her close. Close enough to feel her curves and to get real excited.

Okay, so Arrested is not a politically correct tale. Might work for readers with that particular fantasy. Itís not to my liking and so it felt more like how I might imagine an unimaginative porn plot would be. Add to that stilted dialogues and clichťd actions, a weak suspense sub plot, and Reid and Kirstenís tale proves to be more of a bore than a turn on. There is no steamy lead up to the sex scenes. And no, they are not love scenes. Them falling for the other makes no sense and just isnít believable. This is not a romance, and itís not erotic. Itís sex. Bad sex.

Let me explain: She is scared for her life Ė she jumps his bones. He doesnít believe a word she says Ė he jumps her bones. She needs to escape Ė she lusts after him. She is the kind of person he only feels contempt for Ė he lusts after her. Sorry, it is just not working for me. I find him unreasonable and bullheaded and Kirsten isn't likable at all. She is stupid, shallow and not even a cute pet dog helps to endear her to the readers.

I know itís only a short story and still I had to force myself to continue reading and finishing the book. Nothing against the author, but please do arrest the characters and throw away the key. The story is not arresting Ė how about spending less time on describing the charactersí past and appearance - and the authorís style is not yet developed enough for a publisher to charge a reader for it. Character development, pacing and dialogue need to be looked at and improved before Iím willing to take a second look at this authorís work.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Kris Alice.

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