by Patricia A. Rasey

Septemeber 2000
ISBN: 1-929034-44-X
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Cole Kincaid is a police detective with a chip on his shoulder the size of Detroit. Laurie Michaels is a fledgling reporter with an untouched heart and a drive to succeed. When a terrible killing brings them together, sparks are bound to fly! From the first pages of this book, Patricia Rasey introduces an undeniable sexual sizzle between Laurie and Cole. It’s not the fanciful earth-shaking, church bells, fireworks, kind of attraction that some authors feel appropriate. No, it’s much more the kind of awareness that any of us would feel for someone who might just become a special part of our lives.

In fact, Cole is really hesitant to acknowledge that any kind of interest exists; oh sure, he gets uncomfortable around Laurie, but hey – he’s a guy, you know? It shouldn’t mean anything, especially when he’s confronted with a second gruesome murder and the deepening suspicion that someone – something – is out there, with a taste for blood and death. Laurie, for her part, is determined to get the story she knows is brewing, even if it means staying right on top of super gorgeous Cole Kincaid. She realizes that she wouldn’t mind that position in a literal sense – no, she wouldn’t mind at all!

However, both need to focus their energies away from their lust and onto the case, which is developing into a really horrifying series of murdered women. Ms. Rasey’s implications about who – or what – the killer might be, are clear.... but she is never one to allow her readers a casual amble down the easy path of simplicity and there is a lot more here than meets the eye. This book is so easy to slip into, at first glance a fun romantic suspense, but before we realize it, the web of terror is tightening around us and we’re completely hooked! Cole and Laurie are human enough to be completely recognizable; most of us have been there and done some of that at one time or another while struggling with the complex puzzle that is a relationship. Our interest is perfectly balanced by the potential for blood-soaked horror that is lurking just beyond the pages – Ms. Rasey’s skilful prose keeps us teetering on the knife-edge of a scream!

I must admit to having no clear opinion on the identity of the suspect until the very end - the complicated web of clues teases readers, it doesn’t hang a sign on the villain and say “here I am!!!” I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, a strong suspense story and a liberal dash of horror. I confess – I read it at one sitting. I did keep the lights on for a long time afterwards however...

Reviewed in March 2002 by Celia.

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