by Janet Evanovich

September 2004 Reissue
ISBN: 0-06-059889-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Daisy Adams is surely "The Queen of Multi-tasking" with trying to keep up with her multiple jobs. She juggles them all to help support herself and her younger brother while finishing her dissertation for her advanced degree. Her favorite job is the "Dog Lady" of WZZZ Radio. Her short spot on the radio has made her fans, and helped sell a cookbook with special dog food. When the job of traffic reporter becomes open on a temporary basis she convinces radio producer, Steve Crow, to let her do it. It will let her cut back on some of her other jobs.

Steve ends up spending more time than he had planned with Daisy after she accidentally runs into a criminal and it leads to his arrest. She starts to experience various threatening happenings. Steve's usual fast-paced life of sports cars and wild women is turned upside down by Daisy's fresh free spirit. He adopts a dog he names Bob and that leads to his own home and an SUV instead of the condo lifestyle.

Steve is a typical alpha hero with his take-charge attitude and charm. His Native American heritage is mentioned, but not really developed except for its reason for his dark good looks and his family's good fortune, when so many Native Americans live in poverty. Daisy is no wilting flower, with her courage to do whatever it takes to meet her goals. They complement each other and there is a lot of sexual tension between them from the start. The romance in The Rocky Road To Romance is more subdued. It is evocative of older movies where the couple fall into a clinch and then the scene fades to black.

There is a wealth of humor mixed into the plot which readers of Ms. Evanovich have come to expect. Fans of her Plum series will love the secondary character, Elsie, in this book. She could be Grandma Mazur's sister. She has the funniest lines in the whole book.

This is a re-issue of an older Loveswept book that Janet Evanovich wrote in her pre-Plum days. According to her website, it has been updated and the earlier errors corrected. This is a fun, entertaining read that fans will be thankful has come back in print. With so many romance authors going to more gritty suspense, it is refreshing that Janet Evanovich still uses laugh-out-loud humor in this and her other books. Laughter is the best medicine and often in too short supply in these busy days.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Roberta.

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