by Rayne Forrest

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59632-000-1
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Across Time, by Rayne Forrest, is a terrific futuristic sci-fi book with strong lead characters, a great story and very interesting elements

Corrie Dunn is a starship captain for the United Free Planets Alliance. She captains the ship Avery McKenna. Devin Tremaine pilots a starship, Stargazer, for his benefactor Carlton Sharkey, owner of Sharkey Consortium. There had been rumors that Sharkey was associated with the Allied Planets Coalition, an opposing factor of UFPA.

Corrie and Devin have a history – five years prior, they met and fell in love. One of Corrie’s instructors told her that if she didn’t stop seeing Devin, her career could be severely hampered. At the time, her career came first.

They both get orders to go to Adhara VII, but for very different reasons. Corrie is to escort an archeology team and Devin is to attempt to discover what the archeology team finds out about the planet and to escort a mercenary to the planet.

Corrie is livid when she arrives at Adhara VII and finds Devin arrived before her! She remembers their time together and wonders if she did the right thing, but as a starship captain, figures there is no room in her life for anything else but her job!

Corrie and Devin realize that neither one of them has the whole story about Adhara VII and the reasons for the two of them being dispatched to the planet. They try and piece it together with information given to each of them, plus info received from outside parties!

Their conclusion is close, but the truth is far more fantastic than they imagined. However, their journey to get to the truth is filled with passion, explanations, adventure, politics and danger!

The passion is explosive, the storyline is unique and fun, the adventures exciting and the scenes in which they explain their previous behavior heart-rending. This is a book that I would highly recommend to everyone looking for a fabulous romance!!!!!

Reviewed in September 2004 by PamL.

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