by Catherine Mulvany

October 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-9383-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

After a publishing hiatus, Catherine Mulvaney has returned to the printed page with a fantastic novel for Pocket Star Books. Run No More has elements of action, suspense, time-travel, and even magic to entice readers. The skillful Ms. Mulvaney has blended these elements together in seamless fashion, bringing this reader to the edge of her metaphorical seat.

Tasya Flynn is a survivor with a capital S. Having escaped an abusive foster relationship as a teen, she found herself in the clutches of a sadistic madman who used and abused her, keeping her imprisoned. When she sees an opportunity to break free, she takes it, and believes that her tormentor is dead. When in desperation, she crawls through the pet-door of a beach front house, her life changes forever.

Retired cat burglar Ian MacPherson is tired of living. Confined to a wheelchair, he is just about to commit suicide when a young woman crawls into his house. Convinced that fate has given him a sign, Ian and his manservant, Paulinho, discover that while Tasya may have been a victim, she can also be an instrument for Ianís ultimate revenge against his former apprentice.

As Tasya and Ian embark on an elaborate scheme to undermine the success of Alex Farrell, the fate of a mystical jewel, Milagre, hangs in the balance. The magical tourmaline has had powerful effects throughout the years, yet no one really knows itís true power. As a second dimension, Tasyaís former captor rises from the dead, intent on finding his plaything. Danger is just a step away.

I cannot possibly begin to delve into the subtle nuances of this book. The relationship between Ian and Tasya begins as mentor-student, deepening into a depth of emotion that spans age and time. The secondary characters are fascinating, and the twists and turns of Run No More left me eagerly turning the page.

Welcome back, Ms. Mulvaney! I will be watching for your next book!

Reviewed in September 2004 by Paula.

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