by Maureen McKade

July 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19709-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

It has been seven years since Emma Hartwell was saved from almost drowning by an Indian who took her home to become his wife and then raised her as his own. In that time, young Emma matures into a beautiful woman, marries, gives birth and is left a widow. She accepts the Lakota lifestyle as her own and seldom remembers the life she used to live. That is until the cavalry scouts ambush the Lakota camp and return her to her family.

She is now forced to live among family members who canít accept who she has become and to face curious stares from strangers each time she enters town. Still longing for her son, Chayton who she doesnít even know is alive, she sets out to return to her native people.

Emmaís father may not like former army scout Ridge Madoc but he knows he is just the man to track down Emma and bring her home again. Ridge does this with the promise that heíll get money to buy back some of the land his drunken stepfather sold off to Mr. Hartwell.

Ridge had no idea what kind of task he was taking on or how determined Emma could be. After taking a knife in the side after trying to capture Emma, he agrees to give Emma one week to catch up to the Lakota tribe before he returns her home. He has no idea that her reasons include finding her son and taking him back with her. As their journey continues, Ridge will start to feel way more than just compassion for this feisty woman than just respect. Along the way they will end up sharing a passion that neither one of them had ever experienced before.

For those of you who like some action along with your western romances, this book will deliver. Maureen McKade does an excellent job with this Native American western about a woman caught between two worlds and the man who is willing to change his lifestyle to give her and her son a home.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Shelby.

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