by Sandra Hill

April 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61296-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Environmental Lobbyist Rene LeDux has decided to retire. After years of going against big corporation interests, trying to save his beloved bayou, he is seriously burned out. Now, all he wants is to finish constructing his home on the bayou, and decide what exactly it is that he wants to do next. While minding his own business, Reneís future is delivered to him on a silver platter Ö although he doesnít exactly realize it at the time.

Valerie Breux is a TV show legal analyst. Her jerk of a boss has just fired her when she finds herself kidnapped by a rather weird couple and literally dumped at Reneís feet Ö nevermind that he is infuriatingly handsome and sexy as hell. To sue or not to sue, that is the question. Val and Rene had known each other for years and share an embarrassing experience from high school that they would rather forget. Now thrown back into each otherís path, they soon team up and find more than just a worthy cause to fight for along the way.

Sandra Hillís The Red Hot Cajun is the fourth book in her highly entertaining contemporary set comedy series involving the Ledux siblings. As usual, we are literally sucked into the story, the wonderfully appealing characters, and the endearingly lighthearted tone of the book. This time, though, the plot is laced with the more serious subject of environment conservation, and the future of the Louisiana bayous is ever present, giving the reader a little bit to think about, and adding a bit of an edge to the book. Rene and Val literally sizzle whenever they come together, and this book sure provides some very hot moments. The secondary cast of characters is excellent, from the eccentric Tante Lulu to the devilish hunk-in-progress younger brother, Tee John (who is still a teenager in this book but I hope will get a book of his own sometime in the not so distant future). The Red Hot Cajun goes to my keeper shelf and I will continue praying to the powers that be for that fifth book!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Mireya.

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