by Sage Grayson

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-014-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Sage Grayson’s, Computer Crimes: Hentai Dreams is a futuristic sci-fi fantasy about the two computer hackers sent to bring down the galaxy’s worst ‘sex-slavers’, called 'Squiddies', who have been banned from StarFed space, but they are back…in virtual reality!

Tiana McShay is an anti-slavery hacker. The other hackers have no idea who she really is or that her money comes from stocks inherited by her father, who was head of 'Human Resources' with InterStellar Corp. Hawk works for Computer Crimes in Special Ops – he is also a ‘shape-shifter’. In one form, he is Kestrel, a 123 yr. old woman who works with Tiana and is her best friend. He also sees Tiana as his mate!

Tiana goes to ‘The District’ looking for sex. What she gets is more that she ever imagined! It seems that women are dying from the pleasure received from the 'Squiddies'. Tiana was next in line to die, but she got very lucky.

What happens when Hawk, as Computer Crimes Special Ops, finds out that Tiana is in reviv after meeting with the Squiddies? The situation worsens when Tiana agrees to work with Computer Crimes to try and catch the Squiddies. How will Hawk be able to work with her, knowing she is his? Will they catch the Squiddies?

Computer Crimes: Hentai Dreams, is a highly erotic look at the future. This was a difficult book for me to get into because it was my first futuristic sci-fi but once I did, I enjoyed it immensely! The attraction between Tiana and Hawk is nuclear and the idea of being a ‘sex slave’ with the possibility of dying in virtual reality is mind blowing. I enjoyed Computer Crimes: Hentai Dreams and recommend it to all fans of futuristic sci-fi!

Reviewed in September 2004 by PamL.

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