by Bronwyn Williams

September 1998
ISBN: 0-451-40749-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Topaz Books
Mass Market Paperback

Late 19th Century, Carolina Coast

Kathleen O’Sullivan has nothing left but her pride and the handed down clothes on her back. Katie is bound and determined to make a new life for herself and her younger sister Tara, in America. Using money sent to her by the man her father died for by saving him from drowning, Kathleen makes her way to the United States only to find that the man, Captain Galen McKnight, is not at all what she expected. Instead of the fatherly protector that Katie envisioned, Galen McKnight turns out to be one irresistible hunk of man! Suave and sophisticated, everything young and naïve Katie is not!

Galen McKnight almost drowned off the coast of Ireland in a horrible storm, only to be pulled from the murky waters by a poor fisherman who gave his life to save him. Feeling beholden to that man, and his now orphaned daughters, Galen sends the girls the meager funds he has managed to save, hoping they could fund a fresh start for themselves. Never in his wildest dreams did this sworn bachelor hope to find the two nearly starved waifs on his gambling boat! Now what to do with them! Tara, the younger one could try the patience of a saint with her uncanny ability of “the sight.” The older, Katie, thinks she can earn her way as a dressmaker, and aside from the fact that she is almost blind as a bat without spectacles, out of sheer will is determined to show Galen she can do just that! Galen will honor his vow to make sure the O’Sullivan girls will have the chance at a new life. But to Galen’s dismay it is becoming more and more evident that Katie is much more then a ward. Katie is becoming the woman Galen desires above everything else!

Beholden by the sister writing team known as Bronwyn Williams is such a wonderful story! Full of memorable characters, I found myself loving every minute of this book! Katie is a delight, fresh and different from most romance heroines, she has spunk, and the ability to stand up to the arrogant Captain Galen McKnight right from the moment she steps off the train and into his gambling world.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Bonnie.

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