by Janet Miller

June 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-478-X
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General Garran Doranth has no other choice but to accept the fact that Gaia is in sore need of females. After a long war against Earth (which the Gaians won), Gaia has been left with a shortage of females whilst Earth is having the same problem with the availability of males.

Obstetrician Sarah Johnson yearns for a mate. However, after the war ended, there are no prospects on Earth. Oddly enough, it isn’t like any of the males on Earth actually appeal to her. For a long time, she has been repelled by even the smallest touch from a male. One day, she sees a commercial from an entity called the New Life Collective, which is seeking females willing to become brides in a colony on another planet. The images in the commercial appeal to her on a deep level that she can’t even explain. She decides to answer the call. On her way to her new life, Sarah and the rest of the women traveling with her, are “slightly” detoured.

Janet Miller’s Promises to Keep is a nicely written futuristic novel that engages the reader from page one. Garran, the hero, has been forced to lead the forces of his planet in an unwanted war. The Gaians are inherently peaceful, their beliefs go against destroying or killing any life. He ends up losing that which he holds dear in the war, and as a result, despises Earth. Sarah, the heroine, has also lost dearly as a result of the war. However, she soon learns that appearances can be deceiving. Both Garran and Sarah find themselves forced to reconsider their respective perceptions and face their prejudice.

I must say that I truly felt for Garran but, at times, Sarah’s stubbornness made me want to yell at her. Promises to Keep is heart-warming, touching, and romantic. Ms. Miller has a short story involving Garran and Sarah’s son in an anthology from another publisher. I wouldn’t mind at all to see more of the Gaians in future books. I admit I love the whole idea of “attachment” (read the book to find out what that means). If you fancy a well-written, futuristic, romantic read, you may want to try this one.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Mireya.

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