by Anya Bast

June 2004
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The war between Nordan and Sudhra has finally come to an end. The Nordanese lords successfully repelled the Sudhraian invaders and have conquered Sudhra. However, the peace between the two countries is a tenuous one at best; pockets of rebellion still remain. In an effort to forge a lasting peace in the region, many of the Nordanese lords have consented to claim Sudhraian brides. Lord Gregor enters into just such a bargain with a high-ranking Sudhraian lord, for the hand of his beautiful daughter.

Gregor has wanted Lady Anaisse since he first laid eyes on her. He has never desired a woman more nor has he yearned as much to have just one woman in his bed. But convincing Anaisse to share her body with him, not to mention her heart, will require a different battle all together. Gregor will have to tease, tempt and tantalize her hidden desires to the fore and save them both. In the background another man plots to sever their union by any means at his disposal.

Anya Bast brings the fascinating saga of Nordan and Sudhra to a spectacular close. Gregor and Anaisse, like the other players in this compelling drama, are strong characters that keeping the action of the story moving pulling readers along with them. Gregorís gentle seduction of his bride will have you squirming in your seat. Keep something cool handy or better yet keep your partner nearby.


Reviewed in July 2004 by Cynthia.

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