by Delphyne DeRouge

July 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-263-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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As she lies in bed, Rose thinks about her verbally abusive ex-husband. The man who truly knew what to say to hurt her deeply. Staring at her bedroom's ceiling fan, she makes a wish. The very next day she shares a table at her favorite coffee house with a gorgeous stranger, however, her ex's hateful words keep torturing her and she runs out abruptly. That night, she dreams of him: Aleyn. He tells her he has been sent to help fulfill her wish. But is it just a dream?

The Fire Inside is a heart-warming, paranormal short story with a happy ending in the best feel-good tradition. Although the action takes place within a very short period of time, both Rose and Aleyn literally draw you into their story. The plot is well-rounded and even though, as a reader, I couldn't help but want to read more about these beautiful characters it still is a satisfying and complete short story. Ms. DeRouge is an excellent storyteller, especially in shorter length formats. The Fire Inside is a perfect example of her abilities. I believe this is the first story of a new series and I certainly look forward to any future titles involving the Druightagh. If you enjoy paranormals with "heart", give The Fire Inside a try.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Mireya.

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