by Heather Graham

September 2004
ISBN: 0-7783-2074-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback


Antoinette Fraser‘s childhood was a living nightmare, literally. At night the “dreams” would come, images where she would become the victim, seeing through their eyes the heinous crimes that resulted in their deaths. At first the visions were labeled as nothing more then a child’s wild imagination. Then when the murders Toni “saw” became reality, and law enforcement agencies started questioning Toni for insight into the killers they sought, Toni’s parents had to seek their own help for their daughter. Toni could stand it no longer, and banished her dreams through sheer willpower.

Having been dream free for years, the now-adult Toni and a tight circle of her dearest friends are about to make another type of dream come true, that of running a Historical reenactment show at a rented Scottish castle for tourists. Toni invents a medieval Laird of the castle who, upon returning to his home from battle, discovers that his beloved wife Annalise has turned traitor to his worst enemy, Grayson Davis. Fierce Scottish warrior Laird Bruce MacNiall, strangles his treacherous wife in a fit of rage, but eventually meets his own horrible end at the hands of Davis. The crowds are going wild for this show - that is until the present day Laird Bruce MacNiall rides in with the news that not only has his castle been illegally rented to Toni’s group, but that the story she thought she had made up is indeed based on truth. Bruce’s ancestor, the first Laird Bruce MacNiall, who modern day Bruce happens to be a dead ringer for, was thought to have killed his wife, and then was captured, tortured and executed!

Toni, who has kept her childhood psychic ability suppressed all these years, has also become aware of a presence in the castle, and it is letting Toni know that it wants something, something only Toni can provide. Perhaps it’s answers to questions of evil done centuries ago, and of evil being done right now to helpless girls in modern day Scotland!

NY Times bestselling author Heather Graham is back in paranormal mode with her newest The Presence. Ms. Graham spins a chilling tale of a powerful past and present day love, and she throws in a modern day serial killer that will keep you gasping with surprise page after page. The style of switching back and forth between past and present, gives an added kicker to this book. There is a cast of secondary characters added to the mix, who become the "usual suspects," plus a cameo from Matt and Darcy from Heather Graham’s previous paranormal, Haunted. A suspensful read all around!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Bonnie.

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