by Barbara Samuel

January 2002
ISBN: 0-34454-4565-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

It's time to see if you can go home again for Jewel Sabatino. She ran away from home on the back of her lover's motorcycle twenty one years ago to begin a magical life in the music business, until her beloved husband crashed and burned, leaving her alone with a son to raise. Her truest friend, Michael, is all that gets her through the hard years; and it is partly because of him that she is returning to the place she is most unwelcome. Michael is on the last stages of AIDS, slowly dying, and she can care better for him in the small town atmosphere than in New York. Deciding he needs his family, Jewel summons his brother, Malachi, a virile, all man wanderer. With charm and sexuality bursting at the seams, he strides into her little world, completely turning it upside down. Jewel knows better than to be attracted to such a wild, younger man. Yet, he has awakened something long dead in her, and she cannot turn from it.

With Malachi at her side, she deals with her good-hearted teen sonís rebellious phase, her sister's whirlwind wedding preparations (including hideous bridesmaid dress fittings!), the continued rejection of her father, starting a catering business, and most of all, caring for Michael, a beautiful soul if ever there was one. With a few pushes from Michael, she and Malachi find themselves in each other's arms, although they know it cannot last. When his brother is gone, Malachi will be too.

Death and life, love and pain are intertwined in this touching, yet slow paced novel. As it winds to the ending, tears will fill your heart. Daily life moves along amid the crises, and you share each moment. An added plus for this book is the inclusion of wonderful recipes. Enjoy is not the exact right word for what you will do with this book, because you feel the heroine's pained emotions so closely, and though they are not ones that you should enjoy, it makes reading the book rather engrossing.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Amanda.

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