by Stephanie Laurens

October 2004
ISBN: 0-06-059330-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Stephanie Laurens brings us on another romp through Regency England with her third book in her The Bastion Club series.

Charles St. Austell, ninth Earl of Lostwithiel wants to get married. The only problem is, he canít quite seem to find the perfect woman to be his wife. He takes a trip to his estates to ponder the problem, and also to get away from his mother and sisterís who insist in helping him find his future bride. Imagine his surprise when in the middle of the night, he spots someone sneaking around his home and imagine his bigger surprise when he discovers itís Penelope Selborne, his neighbor and childhood friend. What the devil is she doing in his home and not hers in the middle of the night?

Lady Penelope Selborne is in a bit of a pickle, so what else is new? LOL Only this time, it could affect her whole family both living and deceased. Something illegal is going on and she is trying to uncover what it is and to try and put a stop to it before her whole family is ruined. After following a certain someone half of the night, she is too tired to go to her own home, so she decides to sleep at her god-motherís home, as she is away in London and no one is at home. As she turns to the room that is always in ready for her, she is suddenly grabbed from behind and as she is about to scream when she realizes she knows who this person is. She doesnít even have to see his face, she just knows! How can she ever forget how it felt to be in his arms?

After thirteen years, Charles and Penny are reunited; not by choice, and now face a mystery that concerns her family and the French. Could it be that Pennyís family had sold British secrets to the French? They are led on a grand adventure of not only possible espionage, but also a re-kindling of something that has always stood between them, an attraction so strong that it has lasted thirteen years and never gotten weak. How can they pick-up the pieces of that long ago time and start anew?

This is another wonderful story of love, passion and fantastic characters that has made Stephanie Laurens the Queen of Regency romance. Penny and Charles are very charismatic, passionate characters. Their love for each other will make your heart sing. Throw in a good mystery, a handful of secondary characters and an unknown French assassin, and you have another number one bestseller.

This is a number one pick for your fall reading. Grab a nice cup of tea, your favorite fuzzy slippers and curl up with Charles and Penny. Youíll be so glad that you did!

Reviewed in September 2004 by Debbie.

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