by Julia Parks

February 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7563-4
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Mass Market Paperback

As an historical romance lover who appreciates the subgenre known as the Regency romance, Iíve read many books by this author, both under the name of Julia Parks and under the name Donna Bell. She is a writer who consistently delivers an interesting story with likeable characters. Her previous novel, called How to Marry an Heiress, told of a wastrel noblemanís determination to get himself out of his financial difficulties by forcing his three sons into marriage with heiresses; his oldest escaped his scheme by marrying the woman of his own choice. Fortuneís Fools shows how his remaining two sons fare as they are torn between duty to their family and love for the women they want for themselves.

Maxwell Darby is resigned to marrying as his father wishes to a quiet little heiress, even though he is attracted to the red-haired daughter of an Irish horse breeder. And Tristram Darby determines to earn his own money rather than be forced into marriage--especially since the woman Maxwell reluctantly betrothes himself to is the one woman Tristram wants! In the meantime, their father, the Earl of Tavistoke, continues to toss away the family fortune at the gaming tables--and to duck a determined harridan who wishes to leg-shackle him!

This book offers a good deal of humor, some interesting twists in the plot, and two delicious romances. Because Maxwellís and Tristramís stories are so intertwined, they work well together in a single book. And both heroes are adorable. If you like Regency-set love stories with plenty of substance but not too much angst, you should love Fortune`s Fools.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Barbara H..

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