by Jody Gehrman

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25066-5
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Trade Paperback

This is the story of Annaís one reckless summer. Following a nervous breakdown of sorts, she leaves her hometown in search of a link to her father. Anna believes she is leaving in hopes of becoming a luthier, as he once was. However, itís painfully obvious to the reader itís less about her future profession and more about linking herself to him somehow. Since she has been distraught since his suicide fourteen years before.

Once in Bellingham, she meets up with people one would be unlikely to call friends exactly. Lucy, Arlanís girlfriend, insists she move into their small apartment. Each day she seems to become a little more accustomed to the gin and smoke of the place.

This is a very slow moving story. I do believe it was the authorís intent that the readers not take this at face value. In other words, it was meant to look deeper at how certain events and people we encounter can shape our paths for life. Whether itís for the better or worse, only we can know. This explored Annaís journey to healing, right or wrong, it was her journey and her summer.

To this reader, it wasnít a story I enjoyed very much. Simply because much of it is hard to relate to or envision even mildly being interested in experiencing. Anna came across as an absolute nut bag on more than one occasion and didnít inspire any emotion what so ever as the main character. As chick lit, it was a nice break from the average sleep-around-with-everyone character. However, this was much more along the lines of hippie living and drugs abounding.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Katy.

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